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Scuba Merino | Pink Gin

Product image 1Scuba Merino | Pink Gin
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Scuba Merino is The Knit Kit Company’s very own double knit (DK/sport) yarn, designed by us just for you.

It’s 100% merino wool, super soft and perfect for all year round. We love Scuba Merino for its lightweight softness, its all-season warmth, and its contemporary range of stylish soft colours.


The Knit Kit Company’s Scuba Merino in Pink Gin is a beautifully soft sport / lightweight DK premium yarn made with 100% fine merino wool.

Here at The Knit Kit Company, we do love a glass of gin. Especially pink gin. With a tasty blush of berries and fruit and a pleasingly rosy pink colour, we couldn't think of a better name for our favourite pink yarn than our favourite pink drink!

Our Pink Gin Scuba Merino yarn is a classic and stylish baby pink that will always be fashionable. It's a super colour for all our kits, but if you're looking for inspiration, try it out in our India Blanket, Cairngorm Bundle or Sirena Snood.

Pink Gin works brilliantly with other colours in our lovely Scuba Merino range, especially Tempest GreyWhite Out and Earl Grey.  


The Knit Kit Company loves everything outdoors, and Scuba Merino has been inspired by some of our favourite past-times. Scuba Merino is a sport/lightweight DK 100% fine merino premium yarn which represents everything scuba. 

It’s super soft and warm, without being hot and heavy. Breathable and lightweight, it’s the perfect scuba season partner, ideal for when you need warmth in warmer climates – and the UK spring and summer! 

We use Scuba Merino in loads of our kits. An all-season wool, this is a lovely lightweight yarn to shield you from cool air all year round.


Scuba Merino is 100% fine merino wool and knits up with beautiful definition. A lightweight double knit/sport yarn, it’s fantastic all year round. It’s great for indoor and outdoor activities across the whole year - ideal for baby knits, lightweight hats, and garments with finer details such as our Svenske Shawl.

It’s got a beautiful twist, giving it strength and elegance, while maintaining a gorgeous airiness and bounce. Scuba Merino is available individually as a 50g ball, or in one of our sport/DK kits.

We know all our knitters – whether they’re beginners, experts, outdoor enthusiasts or cosy hygge-loving sofa-dwellers – love to knit with quality yarns that feel sumptuous in their hands. You’ve told us that softness is on the top of your list – so that’s what we’ve given you with Scuba Merino. 100% fine merino yarn is made up of fine, soft fibres which bend at the touch of your skin rather than spike, so you’ll get to enjoy that soft, cosy feeling once you’ve knitted up your project.


Merino wool has an outstanding reputation as soft, breathable, warm and temperature-regulating fibre. The Knit Kit Company are outdoor enthusiasts at all ends of the spectrum – we love being out on and in the ocean and being up high-altitude snowy mountains, and we choose merino as the ideal warm layer. Merino wool is also perfect for little ones, who will love its softness and warmth.



The world faces a growing problem with plastic fibres polluting our waterways and oceans, with a horrifying 90% of our drinking water recently reported to have traces of plastic in it. Being biodegradable, merino wool doesn’t add to the plastic problem when you wash it, nor if (in the unlikely event!) you choose to discard it. You can throw it on your compost heap!


Our British merino is sourced from Falkland Island sheep – some of the softest wool you’ll come across. Falkland farmers have incredible reputations as magnificent shepherds, with excellent standards of wellbeing for their flocks, as well as having the perfect environment for breeding superb merino sheep.

The Knit Kit Company does its best to support local businesses, and we’ve worked hard to try and keep our supply chain British. We’ve had to reach out to the furthest flung corners of GB to source our wool, but kept its processing truly local, with our yarn spun in Yorkshire and dyed in the Scottish Borders.

When you buy one of our kits or our yarn, you’re helping to support small businesses that value quality over everything. However, most importantly, you’re buying something that has been crafted with care, love, and attention to detail. Something you’ll want to use time and time again to give to your favourite people… or, you know… er, keep for yourself. 


Scuba Merino is recommended handwash only. You have spent a lot of time and effort making your item, and this is the best way to ensure it does not get damaged. While some yarns may state that they are machine washable, we recommend that items that you have made by hand are washed by hand to ensure there is no accidental shrinkage or damage to your item by your washing machine.

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