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When you have completed your project, you’ll often see an instruction that instructs you to weave in ends. You’ll need to do this on pretty much anything you make and in all of our kits. This is the last thing you will do – tidy up the loose bits of yarn dangling from the lovely thing you have made, and stop it unravelling or showing where it shouldn’t. There’s a few ends to practice with in the Baby Blanket kit.

Look at our step by step photo instructions below for help with how to weave in ends.


You’ll weave in your loose yarn on the back (the ‘wrong’ side) of your work – usually a purl side. Use a tapestry needle to thread through a couple of the purl stitches.


Turn your needle and loop the thread into the next stitch immediately to the right of the stitches you just put the yarn through, and then down and into the stitch slightly to the left.


Turn the needle and loop up again through the next purl stitch to the right, and then up through the top of the stitch you came through.


Continue on until you have used all the loose yarn (cut it if necessary).


Once you’ve finished, you will hardly be able to see the loose yarn at all.


Don’t stress it if you find it tricky to follow the stitches exactly. There are lots of ways to weave in your yarn. As long as you’re neat and careful, do it whichever way works for you!

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