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These simple tassels are very easy to make. You’ll need:

  • A piece of card
  • Your yarn
  • A pair of scissors

Look at our step by step photo instructions below for help with how to make tassels.


Measure a piece of cardboard – the height of it should be the length you want your tassel to be. Wrap your yarn around the cardboard – the more you wrap, the thicker the tassel!


Thread a longish piece of yarn (this will be the yarn you’ll use later to attach your tassel) into the loops you’ve wrapped, bring to the top and tie tightly.


Take your scissors and cut the bottom of the yarn, along the edge of the cardboard.


You’ll now have strings of yarn all the same length. Make sure the yarn tying them together is secure. Now fold it over and bring the two cut ends together.


Take another piece of yarn and wrap it around the tassel a few times. Tie a knot and hide this in your tassel. Trim the ends.


You can now tidy up your tassel and tailor it for your project.

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the knit kit company is on holiday between 17th and 26th july. All orders will be posted on the 29th july.

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