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Unless you are knitting something in the round or making something like a scarf that is in one piece, the chances are you’ll have to seam two pieces together. Like weaving in any leftover loose yarn, seaming is easy and just takes a tapestry needle and a little patience. Try your hand at some easy seaming in our Teacosy Hat kit.

Look at our step by step photo instructions below for help with how to seam.


Turn your pieces over to show the back and line them up with each corresponding row next to each other. Attach the two bottom stitches. If they curl up, it might help to block them first.


If the loose yarn tail from your cast on edge is long enough, you may be able to use this for the seam. If not, just use another piece of yarn. Secure the yarn tightly to close the gap.


Find the first horizontal ‘bar’ on the first stitch, and stitch it through the corresponding bar on your other piece of work.


Continue on back and forth, ensuring that you don’t miss a row, or you’ll have a gap in your seam. Tie off the yarn, and you’re done!


Don’t stress it if you find it tricky to follow the stitches exactly. There are a number of ways to seam – as long as you’re neat and careful, do it whichever way works for you!


If you’re ever in doubt or having trouble getting edges to line up, tack the two edges together loosely with yarn of a different colour, this will hold them in place while you do the detail!

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