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There are a few different techniques to make them. Here we show you the traditional cardboard method. 

You’ll need:

  • A cereal packet
  • A pencil
  • Your yarn
  • A pair of scissors

Look at our step by step photo instructions below for help with how to make pompoms.


Draw a couple of circles on your cardboard and cut them out. Cut a matching round hole in each one – a smaller circle makes a smaller pompom, and a larger a bigger one!


Lay the two cards flat on top of each other. Start to wrap a first layer of yarn around the card, covering the entire card. You might need to hold it quite firmly until it’s all in place.


Carry on wrapping layers of yarn around the card until it’s thick and the central circle is filled up. You may need to use a large needle when it gets too small for your fingers!


Insert your scissors between the two pieces of card, and cut the wrapped yarn all the way around the edge. Wrap a long piece of yarn between the two card circles and tie tightly.


Once you’re happy the yarn is tied firmly together, cut away the cardboard. Keep your long threads so that you can use them to attach your pompom later.


Use your scissors to tidy up your pompom and cut away any irregular bits (not the long threads). Repeat as required!

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the knit kit company is on holiday between 17th and 26th july. All orders will be posted on the 29th july.

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