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Before you can start any knitting project you have to get the wool on the needles. This is called ‘casting on’ and allows you to place your first row of stitches on the needle. There are loads of different ways to cast on, and we like the cable cast on method shown here, which creates a really neat edge. We use the cable cast on method in all our kits. Look at our step by step photo instructions, or watch the video below for instructions on how to cast on.


Make a slipknot. Arrange the yarn like this, and pull on each end. It creates a loop that can be tightened by pulling on the ‘loose’ end.


Hold the needle with the slipknot on it in your left hand.


Insert the tip of the right needle into the slipknot on the left needle, so that the right needle crosses behind it.


Knit a stitch (see our knit stitch page for help), but slip it back on to the left hand needle, instead of slipping it on to the right. You now have two stitches.


Insert your right hand needle between the 2 stitches on the left hand needle. Keeping the yarn to the back, wrap it around the back of the right hand needle to create a new loop.


Knit a stitch – draw your needle down, and pull out the loop you just made. Twist that stitch around, and put it back on to your left hand needle.


You now have three stitches! Repeat as required by your pattern.


You have now cast on your stitches. The cable cast on is great for really neat edges and avoiding things being too stretchy.

Tip: don’t cast on too tight!

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the knit kit company is on holiday between 17th and 26th july. All orders will be posted on the 29th july.

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