Who are The Knit Kit Company?

The Knit Kit Company was born in 2016, and came from the brains of two old pals who’ve always wanted to do something creative and entrepreneurial. Read more about us.

How much is postage?

We post everywhere (apart from some obscure South Pacific islands which Royal Mail doesn’t seem to list)! Check out our shipping and returns page for details of prices and types of post.

How long does delivery take?

Take a look at our shipping and returns page for details of estimated delivery times. We’ll do our very best to post your stuff to you on the same day, but if we’re not able to, your purchase will go out by the next working day. Please note that the delivery times as provided by Royal Mail are approximate and could rely on international carriers, so once we’ve posted your stuff, it could take longer than they’ve stated.


Oh no! If you’ve ordered something and it hasn’t arrived, the first thing to do is let us know. See our shipping and returns page for more info.


Want to return something? See our shipping and returns section for details on how to do it.

What do you sell?

We sell brilliant knitting kits, yarn and accessories. Each kit does what it says on the tin bag: you get everything you need to make whatever it is that you’ve bought. It’s the perfect offline experience for people sick of screens.

What comes in the Knit Kits?

Your lovely bag of goodies will come with everything you need to make what you’ve ordered. You’ll get the right amount of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, a tapestry needle to sew things up, a pattern, and all the instructions you need to complete your project. No need to look up endless help videos online, no more wondering what “p2tog, PSSO, C8F” means (if you ever did). All of this comes in your very own Knit Kit Co cotton project bag, so you can keep all your stuff together (and show it off on the tube).

Where do you source your yarn?

We love our yarns! We work with some lovely suppliers based in the UK, some small, some large. Some of the yarn is spun and dyed in the UK, some of it in Italy. We want you to really love what you’ve made, and having lovely yarn is ultimately what it’s all about.


We would love your local shop to sell our stuff. If you’re a retailer (or know one you’d like to ask) get in contact with us for a retail pack.


We love ideas! Part of what’s fab about what we do, is we can design (mostly) anything! If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in our kits, drop us a line with details of what you’re looking for, and we’ll have a chat with you about it.

But I can't knit...

There were lots of things that you couldn’t do when you were born. And think of all the things you’ve learned! We meet so many people who say “oh, my mum/nan/great-aunt-twice removed can knit, but I can’t do it”, and we say: yes you can. Our kits have been specially designed to take you from a knitmare and turn you into a knit wizard. The Knit Kit Company founders weren’t all experts when we started: find out more about how we were once like you. Need help on something specific? See below.

I bought a kit, but I need help

We know we said you don’t need to look up endless help videos online, but just in case you wanted to…. we’ve got some. The first few tries of getting your yarn on the needles, or knitting a few rows, can be the hardest bit of getting started. Don’t expect to magically have made what you’ve bought by the end of Masterchef.

We’ve built the Knit Kit Co using the experience of both beginners and the knit-weathered, and have tried really hard to make our kits as easy as possible to make; but, we’re aware that sometimes you just need an extra bit of help. If you’re having problems with a specific stitch or technique then check out our tips page for some videos and step-by-step photos.

If you’re still struggling, shout for help via our Facebook page or Tweet us, or just send us a note. We’ll do our absolute best to help you out.

What's your business ethos?

We don’t like chucking stuff away. We don’t like unnecessary plastic. We don’t like things that will only get used once.

We like:

  • project bags you’ll use again
  • a sturdy parcel bag from sustainable sources (that you can use again)
  • reinforcing fragile things in the post with bits of old card
  • using paper from FSC sources (meaning trees get replanted)
  • not sourcing yarns with a high carbon footprint
  • supporting other small businesses
  • supporting our local communities with knit clubs and charity stuff
  • gardening
  • sheep
  • alpacas
  • other woolly things
  • sharks (we haven’t yet worked out how to include these in our business)
  • gin and tonic (can we include this in the supporting small business category?)

You’ll find your account details in My Knitbag. You can manage you shipping and billing addresses, password and account details here.


Absolutely. Kids as young as five years old are learning to knit at our local school, and it’s a great way for kids to develop their coordination skills as well as make something amazing. We’ve got kits for kids that have been specially designed for them here in our shop. Learning to knit with your favourite small person is a really awesome thing to do. Make a start here.