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The Christmas Gift List for New Parents - 2019

the christmas gift list for new parents
This year I am starting early. You can never be too prepared for Christmas and this year is no different.
Last year I highlighted small, independent and local businesses.  I feel passionately that we should all be supporting the little guys. Each and every sale makes a huge difference to a small business. They deserve our business each and every day so please, this year, let's all try and go for the small brand.  There's nothing better than getting something unique, handmade, made in small batches, or made just for you.  Please do it. You'll make a lot of people happy (and keep them in business!).
This year I am doing the same. So, enough chat. I liked the idea of a gift list for parents with new babies. It can be hard to be inspired and the fear that we all have when we have to get a new parent a gift is 'am I too late? Did someone else get X toy/book/thing before I managed to order it on Amazon and post it to them? Argh, I am the worst friend ever!.'  Well why not give them one of these gifts and know that you are truly unique, inspired and the kindest friend they have.
I'm just going to put it out there, knitting is for EVERYONE.  Knitting for babies is perhaps one of the kindest thing you can do. A knitted baby item might not be used by the original recipient for that long but it will be loved and cherished and probably passed on from baby to baby, family to family.  How's that for eco-credentials?

This knitting kit is one of the best gifts you can give a new parent (you can give them the kit and let them enjoy learning to knit or you can make the blanket yourself and give it).  It's a super easy knit, it's modern, stylish and will keep baby cosy whilst giving the adult an opportunity to learn a new skill!  You get everything you need to make it in the kit - gorgeous 100% British merino wool yarn, needles, pattern, instructions  - all in its very own kit bag.  




This fab kit, the Tiddler Jumper by our favourite local knit-wear designer, Jane Reay (based in East Lothian) is an absolute classic beauty for anyone with kids (not just brand new parents!).  This is a step on from our usual kits so this makes a great gift for an existing knitter. You have your very own new baby? Why not get this kit and give it to your favourite knitting friend and then let them give you back the jumper to put on your little one! Win-win!



 yummikeys teething necklace

Pure Genius.  Until you have a small baby in your life you cannot imagine the trauma of teething. For you and the baby.  Teething babies are like small devil monsters - they cry, they whine, they get a fever, they do horrible poos they can't make up their minds about anything. It's an absolute nightmare and you'd actually do anything to make it stop! But what is this?  Yummikeys is an East Lothian based micro-business who have taken key munching next level.  These amazing necklaces are a gift for parent and baby alike. Put it on, let baby munch on it and feel happy.  Everyone will love you for it.




When I was a new mum I got given one of these gorgeous bangles by Diane.  Diane is based in Glasgow and makes gorgeous, modern and fab silver jewellery. All totally made from scratch from hand they are just fabulous presents for the new parent. Get their new kiddy's name engraved on a charm and just get giving! You can't go wrong with a Stella and Stokes gift... Where's mine??




laura thomas house hold items gift list christmas

Sometimes new parents just want you to think about them for a while. It can be hard being a parent, it sometimes seems like you have just become some sort of extension of your new baby rather than a person in your own right! I think it's only right to put baby-stuff to one side for a minute and give them lovely things that are just for them. Laura has about a billion lovely things on her website so you really won't be able to go wrong with a gift from this East Lothian lady.



can to candle

ALL (no exceptions here) new parents (and, to be honest, parents of any age!) need a bit of rest and relaxation.  Kerry is a sublime candle maker and her gorgeous smellies are the absolute best thing to tip you from raging loon to zenned out grown up.  She is based in Midlothian, designs and pours the gorgeous soy wax candlers herself and, if that weren't enough, she even runs fabulous workshops for those looking for some time out from the hustle and bustle of parental responsibilities. 



Probably the best womenswear and menswear shops in all of Edinburgh (sorry if you're not local to Edinburgh - they do have websites!). When your friend / other half is feeling frazzled after beautiful baby has messed with their head overnight for 3 months in a row and you think they might be feeling like a sack of potatoes and they've barely changed out of pyjamas since the big day you need to get them a bit of a life lift. Just go splash the cash, take them somewhere where every item in the shop is 100% desirable and they don't care if they're the colour of old porridge or there's a bit of baby drool on their shoulder (don't tell them!) because that new jumper / pair of jeans / shoes / bag will help put their frazzled life back on track 101%. Independent shops with gorge collections will put a smile on any new parent's face. Even if it's only for five minutes until little Billy spews on the new shoes...




So there we go. A collection of superb gifts for all of you who know a new parent who needs a little bit of TLC this Christmas.  You'll probably pick up a few goodies for yourself from this list too! So many.  

If you buy from anyone on this list please know that you'll be supporting small businesses in the UK and I think we need that more than ever now.  We'd like to say thank you for your support and wish you a very merry Christmas and winter season.  Remember...a gift from a small business is not just for Christmas - we love our customers at any time of the year!!!


All the best

The Knit Kit Company

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