It's the big C word and you either love it or hate it. Luckily for us, we love it!

Christmas, and the autumn and winter season in general, brings with it all sorts of opportunities for cracking open the knit bag and starting some new knits for the winter season. With cosy, dark, fire-lit evenings already upon us we love choosing our favourite yarn, a gorgeous pattern and cosying up in front of our favourite Netflix series to knit up our winter woolies and Christmas gifts.  

It's always nice to have someone else do the thinking for you at Christmas time as there are already plenty of decisions to be made in other parts of our lives - what to do for dinner (something with a lot of cheese), to vacuum or to not vacuum (chose not to), to eat that biscuit or to not eat the biscuit (chose to eat it) and so on... 

Lou and I have put together our Christmas gift inspiration list for you so why not grab a cuppa and a biscuit, be inspired and get Christmas done in a flash.


The special (difficult) man in your life:

adult man with beard

This is possibly one of the hardest categories, but we think we can say with some certainty that they would love The Norway Hat. Classic, modern and stylish.

The special (demanding) woman in your life:

woman sticking out her tongue

Whoever she is and whatever age she is we know that she will love the Svenske Shawl Knit Kit - it's a winner all round. Easy for a novice knitter, it's the perfect kit to introduce a special lady to the wonderful world of knitting. As well as being a knit project where success is guaranteed the finished article also looks absolutely beautiful so it's a win-win!

The best friend: 

best friends on phone taking selfie

Boy or girl, man or woman the best friend is someone who is there for you, no matter what, all the time. Our Friendship Bundle knit kit is the way to go - it's the best of both worlds - one kit for you and one for your pal! Pick your colours, swap your pom poms and you'll look like the bestest of friends everywhere you wear your hats!

    The grandparents in the room: 

    grandparents holding hands

    Not all Grannies knit (yet!) and some Grandpa's do! Grandparents like to knit for themselves as well as others, so for the selfish grandparent who wants their own hat, why not get them the Urchin Hat Knit Kit and for the not so selfish grandparent on the sofa who wants to spoil that special little one, why not get them the Cairngorm Baby Bundle and get them knitting for the babes that can't knit themselves yet!

    The miscellaneous friend / relative / random:

    random adults in a circle

    Are you buying for your boss? You're too kind! We've all got someone random that we still need to give a pressie to. Keep it simple and give them our best selling Fala Hat. It's a classic, it's unisex, it's good for kids and adults so you cannot go wrong with this one. 


    We're big supporters of supporting local businesses - they work incredibly hard, every sale will bring a smile to a face and some hard earned cash to their pockets. 

    Christmas is a time of giving so here's our contribution to our small business friends!

    🎄A candle from Can to Candle. Kerry makes the best scented candles. She creates her scents with care and she has an amazing nose for fabulous smells! She makes her candles from her home-workshop in Temple, a gorgeous little village in Midlothian.

    🎄Gorgeous hand made silver jewellery by Stella & Stokes. Diane is based in Glasgow and her fab handmade silver jewellery is just THE BEST. Modern, stylish and personalisable (is that even a word?!).

    🎄Top quality art work - check out Sarah of the North. Sarah did all the illustrations on our website and she is a top gal. Witty, silly and all round good egg.

    🎄A day trip with some beautiful alpacas! We all love these fluffy goof balls and there's nothing more fun than taking them for a walk. Visit our friends at Beirhope Farm in the beautiful Borders of Scotland and take their alpacas for a walk!

    🎄Goblins - everyone needs goblins and Mole End Sock Goblins are the best there are. Recycled, eco and ethical. Handmade by Luke Dalrymple in beautiful Midlothian - naughty and cheeky they're a fabulous gift for goblin-lovers!

    Please support small, local businesses.

    Please support the small guys and gals this year when buying gifts for yourself and others. Every sale means a great deal to a small business - we absolutely care about every customer we sell to, and we want you to love what you get.  Your support means the world to us, it helps us grow and helps us support other small businesses.


    Remember we're always here to help if you have any questions and we love to see what you make so why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share some pics with us!  Use the hashtags #knitkitco and #anyonecanknit so we can see them!

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    Let's knit.

    Inspired? Go Knitting :)

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