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valais blacknose sheep

Well if these sheep aren't the cutest thing you've ever seen!

With gorgeous fluffy fringes, crinkly fluffy white coats and cute as can be black faces these Swiss breed of sheep are guaranteed to raise a few ooohs and aaaaah.

These cute sheep are a hardy breed from the mountains of the Valais region of Switzerland.  They are are well adapted to mountain living and used to grazing on stony pastures.  These jolly looking sheep are bred for both their wool, particularly to use in felting or carpets and also meat production as whilst they are cute they are also quite large. Both the rams and the ewes are horned. 

They are friendly and inquisitive sheep but also, sadly, quite rare with only a few thousand left in the world but this is a breed that famers are investing in with new flocks and breeding happening across some farms in the UK and further afield.  What's not to love about this gorge creatures!

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Have you started your knitting adventure yet?  Our kits, which are perfect for beginners, are the ideal way to indulge your love of sustainable and unique fashion.  Why not go and have a nosey here...

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We hope our kits bring some solace, happiness and an alternative focus during these awful times.

We are running low on some stock so keep an eye out for some curated alternatives including the yarn from the first ever kit we sold.

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