This has been more than a year in the planning and we are delighted to introduce our brand-spanking-new, gorgeous merino yarns. They’re softer than soft, and British through and through. And – this is the important bit - we designed and made them just for you.


Ski Merino, our super chunky yarn and her sister, Scuba Merino, our gorgeous lightweight sport/double knit (DK) yarn, currently available in five beautiful matching colourways with three more to follow soon!

Ski and Scuba Merino Yarn by The Knit Kit Company

Let’s tell you a bit about them.

Why we chose Merino

As outdoor enthusiasts at both ends of the outdoors spectrum – sunny and ocean-bound on one end, and up high-altitude snowy mountains at the other; we’ve had our fair share of experience with wearing merino. It has an outstanding reputation as a soft, breathable, warm and temperature regulating fibre. It’s what we’ve always chosen to wear when we’re out and about, so we didn’t really need much more of a push to choose merino for our yarn.

Where did our Merino wool originate?

We chose British Merino wool from the Falkland Islands – some of the softest sheep’s wool you’ll come across. Falkland farmers have incredible reputations as magnificent shepherds, with excellent standards of wellbeing for their flocks, as well as having the perfect environment and climate for breeding superb merino sheep. Blowfly can cause horrible problems for sheep, but there are none in the Falklands, so we're reassured that the sheep that our yarn comes from are happy and healthy. 

falkland penguin

Yes, we know it's a penguin but he's just so adorable, we couldn't resist!

Why “Ski” and “Scuba”?

As well as loving knitting, Knit Kit Co. gals Hels and Lou have a close affinity with everything ski and scuba.


When Hels is not at Knit Kit Co HQ, she is a ski instructor in fabulous Scotland, where she teaches every weekend across the winter in the stunning Cairngorm mountains. When she’s not wearing her helmet she’s always – always - wearing a beanie hat and sunglasses, so she’s never far away from something woolly. Out of ski season Hels is often found romping around the Highlands, learning to sail, paddleboarding and - despite being a bit of a sun worshipper - she can’t wait for ski season to come round again every year.

helen skiing

Ski Merino is a super chunky 100% fine merino premium yarn which reflects everything ski. It’s soft, super cosy and the perfect ski season partner. We use Ski Merino in some of our most popular kits – the beanie hats. A season-staple and a ski-bum’s best accessory, this is a fabulous yarn for outdoors adventurers.


When Lou’s not at Knit Kit Co HQ, she’s a scuba Divemaster who does her best to abscond to blue waters whenever humanly possible, where she loves following sharks, surprising turtles, and taking macro photos of seahorses and tiny weird sea creatures. When she’s yanked herself out of the neoprene she’s always got a nice lightweight hat to pull on to keep her head warm in the ocean breeze, or to keep her shoulders warm over an evening drink. When she can’t get away to the coast, Lou is often (like Hels) yomping up big hills, having Yorkshire Pudding eating competitions, and writing education pieces about ocean conservation.

louisa scuba

Scuba Merino is a sport/lightweight DK 100% fine merino premium yarn which represents everything scuba. It’s super soft and warm, without being hot and heavy. Breathable and lightweight, it’s the perfect scuba season partner, perfect for when you need warmth in the warmer seasons. We use Scuba Merino in loads of our kits, and we know you love it!

Why is it fabulous?

We’ve designed our yarns to be everything that you want to knit with. We know that all our knitters - beginners, outdoor enthusiasts and cosy hygge-loving sofa-dwellers - want to knit with quality yarns that feel lovely in your hands. We’ve always known that softness is absolutely top of your list for yarn, and so that’s what we’ve given you. 100% fine merino yarn is made up of fine, soft fibres which bend at the touch of your skin rather than spike, so you’ll get to enjoy that soft, cosy feeling once you’ve knitted up your project.

We decided to focus on our customers’ two most popular yarn weights – the lightweight sport/double knit and the super chunky.

Beginners love our super chunky yarn as it knits up fast, is beautifully warm and cosy but also never too hot! Our yarn has a gorgeous, refined twist which keeps it strong yet light and bouncy. This yarn is fabulous for all seasons, but comes into its own in the British late autumn, winter and early spring (all of those probably “winter” to any other country in the world!).

ski merino combo shot

The lightweight double knit yarn is a fantastic all-year-round yarn, ideal for baby knits, lightweight hats and finer detailed knits such as our shawl. It’s fab for indoor and outdoor activities across the whole year. It’s got a beautiful twist, giving it strength and elegance whilst maintaining a gorgeous bounce and lightness so it’s never flat or lifeless. 

scuba merino dk yarn

Who is going to love it?

You and everyone you knit for. It’s a dream to knit with, soft in your hands, warm on your lap and smooth on your needles.

But it really comes into its own when you’ve knitted it up. Our Ski and Scuba yarns knit up to be super soft, bouncy and warm while being breathable and lightweight. They’ll keep you cosy enough whatever you’re doing - standing in a cold field on Bonfire night, having an après-ski hot chocolate or vin chaud after a hard day on the slopes, enjoying the ocean breeze on a boat or with a drink on the jetty, walking the dog or the kids to school… but it won’t leave you sweaty, overheated or itchy.

It’s perfect for babies and kids who will love its non-itchiness and beautiful warmth. It’s ideal for those discerning folk among us who appreciate beautifully crafted handmade items, enduring yet fashionable colours, and soft and gorgeous accessories. Our yarn is timeless, premium quality and luxurious. What’s not to love?

Helping small business

If you’ve got a love for supporting local businesses or a penchant for all things British, then you’re going to be right at home with our Ski and Scuba yarn. We’ve worked hard to keep the supply chain British – we’ve had to reach out to the furthest flung corners of GB to source the wool and kept its processing truly local, with our yarn spun in Yorkshire, and dyed in the Scottish Borders.

When you support us by buying one of our kits, or our yarn, then you’re helping support small businesses that value quality over everything. However, most importantly, you’re buying something that has been crafted with care, love and attention to detail, which you will want to use time and time again, to give to your favourite people… or, just, you know… keep for yourself.

We hope you love Ski Merino and Scuba Merino as much as we do. We made it just for you!

- Hels & Lou


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