As you become more adept at knitting you’ll start to notice little things that you hadn’t noticed before because you were just concentrating so hard on getting the first steps right. Once you start to be able to absorb more than one thing at a time you might start to wonder if you’ve made a mistake and what the hell is that weird flappy big stitch at the beginning of every row that I do – why does it looks so loose and hangy and more importantly, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG!? Take a breath and relax. It’s fine. It’s just a thing. Honestly. It’s me not you.

 Let's have a close up look at this stitch then...




You might not even have noticed this, and now you’re probably thinking what is she on about? Maybe you’ve even got a complex now. Sorry. When I  started off learning to knit, I noticed that at the beginning and end of my rows the stitch just seemed to be loose, big, hangy, and messy - and sometimes I even managed to stick my needle in the wrong bit of it and mess up! You’re not alone if you’ve experienced this too.

Worry not – as you knit the next row, the tension of creating the stitch above it will pull up your flappy stitch, it will tighten up, and your flappy problems will disappear. Just a note – if you are suffering from flappy stitch syndrome make sure you have pulled your yarn into the correct place for starting your new row as it can be easy to stick the needle in the wrong place and mess up your knitting.



  • If you are still getting flappy stitches all along the edges of your knitting then you need to practice your tension – try pulling the yarn a bit tighter at the beginning of every row, you’ll likely find that this fixes loose stitches.
  • Likewise, if you are getting flappy stitches in the middle (or anywhere really) of your knitting then this is likely a tension thing again – just keep practicing and you’ll get there. Try and keep your yarn at the same tension throughout your knitting – these loose stitches will eventually vanish!
  • If you want to tidy up the edges of your work and you're a bit more confident after having knitted a bit, you can do something called ‘slipped stitch edges’ at the end of rows. You may come across similar things called 'chained edges' or 'i-cord'. We don’t need to do that in any of our patterns (yet), so we'll come back to that another time - but do let us know if you if you'd like some info on that!


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Let's knit.

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