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how to do the knit stitch

When you first learn to knit there are a few things you really need to start with before you dive headfirst into the mega complex fair-isle onesies.  You need to learn how to cast on (number 1) and then how to do the knit stitch.  Let us show you how to do a knit stitch.

Give this video a quick watch. We show you just how to do the knit stitch in the most simple way possible!  


 If you prefer to learn by looking at the photos and reading the text, head over to our special knit stitch tips page which gives you just that.


    • On a pattern a knit stitch will be referred to as a 'k' - so for example if you need to knit 6 stitches it will say 'k6' 
    • Each knit stitch looks like a little 'V' shape BUT if you knit all your stitches (on every row) you create a pattern called Garter stitch which sort of hides your little v's!!  Garter stitch is quite stretchy and lies flat - so no curling up at the edges. Have a look at the Scafell Scarf for an example.
    • You can combine knit stitches and purl stitches to create SO many different stitch patterns that your head might explode but some of the most popular combinations are ribs (our Norway hat is a great example of this) and moss stitch (see the edging of our Elysia Blanket).
    • To do your knit stitch you need to make sure your working yarn (the one you move around to make your stitches) is at the back of your needles (so not between your needles and you - that's the front).  If you have your yarn at the front but you do a knit stitch as normal you have done something called a 'yarn over' which is cool and pretty (and a stitch in knitting) but it will leave a lovely decorative hole in your knitting. So if you want to avoid holes then make sure that your yarn is at the back.
    • The verb 'knit' has its origins in the Old English word cynttan - "to tie with a knot, bind together, fasten by tying" which is related to the Old Norse word knytja "to bind together, form into a knot", the Middle German word knutten "to tie, knot" - we're talking late 14th century type old...
    • And...just in case you're interested the longest knitted scarf in the world (which, from the photos, looks like it's knitted in garter, so knit all!) is 4565.46 metres long and took 30 years to knit!  Flippin' 'eck, that's mad that is! 

Have you got the knitting bug now? Want to knit the longest scarf in the world? Or just something a little more useful!  Why not try one of our beginner kits and get started on your knitting adventure!!


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Let's knit.

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the knit kit company is on holiday until monday 22nd april. all orders will be dispatched on tuesday 23rd april.

head on over to have a look at our knit kits - they're perfect for beginners!

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