Casting on (or "binding" on as it is sometimes known) is the process of getting the first row of stitches onto your needle so you can start knitting, so for that reason it's probably the most important thing to learn when it comes to knitting. If you can't cast on, you can't get knitting!  

There are myriad of ways of casting on, but for the sake of simplicity - and most importantly, all you beginners out there, we have decided to use what is called the cable cast on method for all of our kits.  The cable cast on gives you a nice, neat edge and is suitable for most projects.  When you move beyond the basics you might find that other patterns instruct you to do another kind of cast on.

The easiest way to learn how to do the cable cast on is by watching our video below:

Common Difficulties:

Casting on too tightly: try not to tug the cast on stitches too tightly. They might look a bit loose when they're going on, but it's really hard to knit your first row if your cast on is too snug. If you're doing it for the first time, try doing a test swatch with only a few stitches to see how it comes out.

Casting on the wrong number of stitches:  if you don't get the number of stitches right when you cast on, you'll realise when you get further that your knitting will be all off - be careful to count your stitches (and then count them again!) before you start on your first row of knitting.


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Let's knit.

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