It's already 2019 and most people have been following (or not as the case may be!) their new years resolutions for a couple of weeks now. I'm a bit late to the game but better late than never.  Now personally, I'm not one for resolutions. I just can't decide at the beginning of the year to be this or that or tidier or eat less chocolate or drink less wine. I don't work like that.  I know that for many people the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to review their life and try and promise themselves to make little (or big) changes.  Despite not being a resolution-maker, when it comes to my 2019 knitting adventures I think I need to put some in place....

new year resolution 2019

Why make new year knitting resolutions?

Well, it's Helen here, the knitmare superstar of the Knit Kit Co and as you'll know I'm the beginner, I'm the person that used to be you (perhaps you've even overtaken me now!). Ever since I started knitting I've loved every minute of it but, as with anything new, it's never plain sailing and there's always more to learn, more things to knit and more people to knit for!

However, why do I need to resolve anything, why can't I just carry on as I did last year and just pootle through as I did in 2018? I think I did alright last year!

The answer is because if I don't try harder I won't get any better, I won't learn anything new and, well, because it's fun! Yep, learning new stuff is actually really, REALLY fun and rewarding (and it makes you happier - just google it!).  So, to have more fun (which is what I'm all about!) I'm going to make some knitting resolutions this year.  Here goes.. 

My knitting resolutions.

1. Knit more often

2. Try new stitches

3. Make some deliberate mistakes (and probably some non-deliberate ones...)

4. Practice being patient

Explain yourself Helen.

1. Knit more often.  This one is pretty obvious.  The more you do something the better you get.  I'd get more knitting done, make more gifts for friends, knit more hats for me and the family if I could only knit more often. 

Knitting is also something you make time for. It's you-time.  It's good for your mental well-being to be able to take time for yourself (you can do it in the company of others too, it's up to you whether you speak to them at the same time or not!) and do something for your own enjoyment.  This is something people make little time for these days but you shouldn't feel bad about it. You're just as important as the next person.  Enjoy taking those minutes out of your day (hours if you're lucky!) to knit more often.

So, I'm going to stop being so busy doing other stuff - tidying (ahem...), spreadsheets, browsing random websites, reading depressing news stories and I'm going to pick up my needles and some gorgeous yarn and knit more.

2. Try new stitches / techniques.  When I started off knitting I was amazed at what you can achieve with just the simple knit and purl stitches.  We know that for beginner knitters it's best to keep it simple - less margin for error. 

I'm at the stage now where I feel I can step outside my comfort zone (for a little while anyway!) and maybe try a few new things.  When I speak to our designer she gets so excited when she tells me about a certain trick or technique she uses that I'm just going to have to follow her lead and try them out! She's on another level of knitting so I'll pick my challenges carefully and take them slowly. Once I've got the hang of a few new tricks I'll be able to add them into my knitting and start making things which have got more complex patterns or colour work. It's quite exciting to think about.


3. Make some deliberate mistakes.  You might be thinking here that that just sounds a bit daft.  It goes against every instinct to make mistakes on purpose but actually I think it will be a great way to help me become a better knitter!

 In life that's how we learn, we learn from mistakes. You make a mistake, realise it was a mistake, look back at what you did and evaluate it and then, hopefully, you learn from it.  You might make the mistake again but you'll be quicker to recognise it and you'll (hopefully) have a strategy for fixing it.  The next time you might be about to make it and whoah!, the lightbulb goes off and you reign it in before you even made it... You get the picture. 

One thing I find with knitting is that it's not until you make a mistake that you get a chance to sit back, look at your knitting and actually try and understand what the heck you've been doing - what are you ACTUALLY doing when you knit? How do all these loops and holes stay together? How does it WORK? When you make a mistake and you decide to fix it (instead of what I usually do, which is ignore it!) you are forced to look at your knitting and try and understand it, make sense of it.

The first few times I picked up the needles and made a mistake (I forgot to take my yarn to the back to knit a stitch or whatever) I just couldn't fathom it out at all and had to rip it all back out. Now if I fluff it up and need to go back to fix it I can work it out as I've spent the time making the mistakes and then trying to fix them.

I'm going to make some deliberate ones and try and fix them. Although I might knit up a little test square to do this on as I don't fancy testing this resolution on something super fancy!

4. Practice being patient. Patience is a virtue and all that... Mmmm. Not if you're me and knitting. I knit because whilst I love the act of knitting, the calm and relaxation I LOVE the finished article even more. That's just the type of person I am. Sometimes though I actively don't start a project as I know it will take me a long time. How silly is that? So, this year, I'm going to find a project that I just really like the look of and start it (and finish it). I'm going to practice being patient and not give up on it because it's taking me a long time. I'm going to enjoy it for what it is. 


What should you resolve in 2019?


Knitting Resolutions

Whilst we can't tell you what YOU should resolve to do in 2019 we CAN make some suggestions!

1. If you haven't started already, get learning to knit (if you need an easy way in why not try one of our really easy beginner kits here) and if you need extra help then head over to our tips page to learn some more.

2. Get a friend to learn to knit too! Knitting with a pal is such a good laugh. It's rewarding, fun and learning together can help you both learn faster. Using a birthday as an excuse to get them a kit is a great idea - the friendship bundle is ideal for this scenario, one kit for you, one for them!.

3. Try mixing it up! Have you made one of our hats already? Why not buy two different colour yarns and have a go at making a stripy hat! These are especially useful if you have football / rugby-loving members of the family!!! 

Other New Year Resolutions

1. This is a big ask but we'd love you to support small businesses like ours. Every time a customer buys something it makes a real difference.  We work hard to make customers happy, we genuinely care about everything that goes into our product and we want you to love it too! We absolutely love and value your support and so do other small businesses.

2. Think about the environment when you do buy stuff this year. We have tried really hard to consider our impact on the environment with our products and use the absolute minimum amount of plastics possible and try to make sure that everything else is recyclable. If you think we can do better we want you to let us know!


3. Focus on you and those around you.  Be kind and caring. Spend time with each other. Put down those phones look at each other. Knit for each other.  Be happy with each other and be there for each other.

Helping small businesses

If you’ve got a love for supporting local businesses or a penchant for all things British, then you’re going to be right at home with our kits. We’ve worked hard to keep the supply chain British – we’ve had to reach out to the furthest flung corners of GB to source our wool and kept its processing truly local, with our yarn spun in Yorkshire, and dyed in the Scottish Borders.

British telephone boxes

When you support us by buying one of our kits, or our yarn, then you’re helping support small businesses that value quality over everything. However, most importantly, you’re buying something that has been crafted with care, love and attention to detail, which you will want to use time and time again, to give to your favourite people… or, just, you know… keep for yourself.

Get social with us.

Remember we're always here to help if you have any questions and we love to see what you make so why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share some pics with us!  Use the hashtags #knitkitco and #anyonecanknit so we can see them!

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Let's knit.

Inspired? Go Knitting :)

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