Do people still knit in the summer? 

There are a lot of people out there that think that knitting is something that you just do in the colder months of the year but we think that's just not right! Knitting is for any time of year (and any time of the day too!) and especially the summer! 

Knitting really is perfect for any time of the year.  It's superb for relaxation and works wonders for the daily stresses in our lives.  There's many a person who, whatever the weather, sits down after dinner to a hot drink (or cold - depends on your tipple!), feet up, favourite TV show on and their current work in progress (otherwise known as WIP in the knitting world!).  I've even been known to take my knitting to the picnic table in the back garden and get in a cheeky few rows whilst the BBQ is getting going.

In the UK we are not particularly blessed with scorching summers so we don't have the same 'it's too hot to knit' problem that some folk can experience.  Even then, on a (rare) hot and sunny day, if you choose your project wisely you needn't be smothered in super hot yarn.  The summer can be a great time to get all those Christmas presents knitted up for friends and relatives.  It's quick and easy to knit up a hat or two (they make perfect presents!), it's not such a big project that you'll get all hot and bothered from your knitting either.

Fancy getting started on your Christmas gifts? 


Another reason summer is perfect for knitting is the amount of babies that are born throughout the year. Babies are season-less! They don't care if it's hot or cold, winter or summer - they just come when they're ready.  A knitted gift for a baby is one of the kindest and most thoughtful gifts they can receive. Knitted baby items last well beyond the baby stage - it's virtually impossible to throw out something that someone has knitted with love. Baby gifts endure. They get passed onto a new sibling or given (often reluctantly) to a friend's baby and so on.  They don't get recycled or thrown out - they're too precious! They're good for the environment and great for the heart, and when they're being used by the baby they just look adorable.

The India Blanket Knit Kit

We recently launched a kit, the India Blanket, which is a perfect baby gift, and ideal for people who are new to knitting.

We wanted to create a kit which was so simple but also beautiful and stylish so you could feel proud knitting it up or giving it as a gift.  People love it because it's lightweight and the merino yarn is so soft.  It's warm and keeps of a chill but because it's 100% natural merino wool it's not hot and sweaty, it breathes and regulates your temperature.

The Clare Cardy Knit Kit

To celebrate babes just a little bit more we've just released another baby knit kit for beginners: The Clare Cardy. 

The Knit Kit Company | The Clare Cardy | Pink cardigan with Knit Kit Co Bag

The Clare Cardy is a perfect knit for all seasons. It's beautiful for baby boys or baby girls (and toddlers!).  We've classed it as an Easy-ish knit which means that whilst it is still easy it presents the beginner with a few more challenges - mainly because of the number of stitches you'll be working with.  This kit also includes "increases" (making extra stitches), making a button hole, and using a stitch holder to keep some stitches aside as you knit sections of the cardigan.  This all sounds like rather a lot, but we keep you straight all the way along with our 'knitstructables' book and lots of easy-to-understand instructions in the pattern. 

We think it's a gorgeous little one-piece knit kit and if you're looking for some summer knitting and you know of a baby that is about to make an appearance then why not get knitting up this lovely little number! 

Watch our video to find out what's in the kit

Remember we're always here to help if you have any questions and we love to see what you make so why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share some pics with us!  Use the hashtags #knitkitco and #anyonecanknit so we can see them!

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Inspired? Get Knitting :)

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