Everyone wants to be in a club and knit club is no exception!  I host a weekly knit club in East Lothian, Scotland in a tiny little village called Humbie.  Humbie is blessed with an amazing small shop and marvellous cafe, the Humbie Hub. It's baby friendly, pet friendly, the coffee is good and the cakes are fantastic.  To top it off they don't mind being invaded by a whole heap of people on a Friday morning.

In this blog post I'll run through the things you need to get in place and do to make sure that your knit club gets started in the best possible way!


Every knit club needs a place to meet, but beware, not all venues are created equal.  When we chose the Humbie Hub to be our venue we had to consider a few things..

  • Are they cool with us being there and taking up a lot of space? I scouted out the Hub and had a look at their seating arrangements and access - we were lucky - they have a sofa area at the end of the cafe where you can cram in lots of people and add in some extra chairs if needed. Perfect (as long as we got there first!!!).
  • Are they cool with us being customers but not amazing customers?  Knit club in Humbie goes on from 9 until 12 and lots of people come but we're not big spenders. We will always buy something - a coffee, a slice of cake etc but for our time spent in their venue our spend is pretty low.  We've balanced this out by choosing a venue that is truly local to many of us so whilst we're not necessarily big spenders on the day we do give the Hub a lot of business at other times.
  • Do they mind a bit of boisterous chat?  Knit club most certainly isn't just about the knitting, in fact knit club has become so much more than that for all the members.  It's a fantastic support group - people who need a break from all sorts of things, being new mums, being stay at home small business owners looking for some interaction and so on, find knit club their highlight of the week.  It's an amazing source of inspiration and direction for many of us that run our own businesses - the amount of knowledge around the table is vast and it's great to be involved in helping to inspire and allow conversations for small businesses to share knowledge and motivate each other.  The chat can be loud, funny, sweary and sometimes even a bit teary but we're never, ever quiet.
  • Is it local?  Your venue has to be easily accessible to as many folk as possible. Try and find somewhere that people already love going or would be prepared to go out of their way to if it's not as local as you would like.
  • REMEMBER It doesn't have to be a cafe!  It can really be anywhere but as long as it fulfils the above criteria then you'll be fine.  It could be someone's house, although remember they won't want to just be responsible for feeding you all their biscuits and letting you drink all their coffee, so you'll have to bear that in mind.  Have a look around, pop into a few places and have a chat with them about what you're planning and see what you can do.  I'd recommend hosting it in the same place each week and, if you're looking for people you may not know to come, then host it somewhere public rather than a friend's house.



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If you want people to keep coming back to Knit Club you've got to choose a day and a time which suits the people who want to come!  We started Knit Club based around a few people I already knew.  I asked if they wanted to come and give it a shot and we worked out a time which was good for us all.  As it turns out Fridays at 9 - 12 are perfect for us. 

The majority of our clubbers are mums at the local primary school (not all of them mind you!!) and school has a half day on a Friday and finishes at 12.  A lot of people also work for themselves or part time and Fridays gave us the ideal time to blow off steam, feel like we were giving ourselves a break after a long week and fitted in nicely with school pick drop offs and pick ups. So - Friday at 9 it was.  You might find that an evening knit club in the local pub works best for you...


It's great to think big but you want to start with people who you know have a vague interest in learning to knit and are happy to give it a shot! I asked a few pals and got them to give it a go first before advertising it any further. 

Once we had got in the swing of it more people wanted to give it a go and the beauty of doing it somewhere local is that other people see it and want to join in (especially when you're having such a jolly time!). 

If you're struggling for members then stick up a few Facebook posts on some local community groups and make yourself sound friendly! 


help i don't know how to knit

Now the beauty of knit club is, if you're not a knitter and you want to be one, that you can all learn together. This is how we did it in Humbie.  As you might know I (Helen) am the Knitmare and Lou (my beloved business partner) is the Knit Wizard which is why we exist as a business in the first place.  Read our story here if you're not familiar with it!. 

What this means in real life is that I'm not actually extremely well equipped to be a professional knitting teacher. What it does mean though is that we could all learn to knit together which is an absolute joy.  Learning with friends is so much fun. 

I did equip myself with the basics though (I had learnt how to do some knitting before actually launching a knitting business!) and I knew enough to teach people how to cast on, knit and purl and decrease stitches. I also had a handy learning tool up my sleeve. A knit kit.  Now knit club is open for anyone to knit anything they want but most of the people in the new knit club opted to start learning with one of our kits.  I gave them some options of the easiest ones - the Fala Hat or the Cairngorm Baby Bundle (a number of them had babies at the time) and they just picked their favourite colour and I brought the kits along to our first club.

There's a reason people find knitting so confusing at first - different size needles, different size yarn, a billion knitting patterns etc - which is why starting off with a kit was a fab idea as it took away all that confusion and let them focus on starting with something simple and achievable without having to get lost in research etc.  We're all for the quick win!


 This is where some imagination come in handy. Here are my suggestions.

  • Make it easy for them to buy more yarn - we can help you with this.
  • Have ideas for next patterns / progressions -  we can also help you with this!!
  • Have a night out to celebrate being awesome knitters and great friends (yep, we did actually go to a Robbie Williams Tribute night out!)
  • Invite someone in to teach a skill one day - you'll be surprised at the amount of expert knitters that are out there once you start looking! i.e. we invited someone in to show us how to seam our finished items. We discovered her by chance when she came over and introduced herself to us one day and told us about her sheep that she breeds and her yarn that she spins!! 
  • Surprise your knit clubbers and one day order up a plate of cakes! They will love you forever.
  • Ask your knit club members to invite a friend - even if it's someone they don't think will be interested in knitting. It's surprising how up for it people are when they see how much fun it is!  
  • Be ready to make a whole bunch of new friends.  

Ready to start your own knit club? JUST GO FOR IT!  Caroline below LOVES knit club.

enjoying knit club!


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Remember we're always here to help if you have any questions and we love to see what you make so why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share some pics with us!  Use the hashtags #knitkitco and #anyonecanknit so we can see them!

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Let's knit.

Inspired? Go Knitting :)

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