Black Friday Madness...

BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS! (bit of a long read but bear with me!)....

As a small business the pressure is on to discount like a loon every 'Black Friday' to get your business 'exposure' and make trillions of sales etc etc. The reality is that this is just bad business for loads of small businesses - we pretty much give our customers the best prices we can all year - if big companies can afford to discount by up to 50% then think about how huge their margins are the rest of the year! I doubt they're selling at a loss every Black Friday.
So, this year I want to give something back instead of taking something off (not my clothes, my prices!!) and hope that you will join me in your support. I have chosen to donate £1 from each sale from now until Christmas to the Scottish Borders Search & Rescue Team. So when you choose to support me you're choosing to support an incredible cause.
The Borders Search & Rescue Unit (BSRU from now on!) is entirely funded by donations and every person on the team is a volunteer. They are highly trained in the recovery of lost, injured and vulnerable people as well as playing a vital role in any emergency situations (such as recent flooding in Hawick). They search for missing people whether they are children, elderly or vulnerable, whether they are up a mountain or on the edge of a cliff (actually and emotionally). They are brave, committed and kind. They attend hours and hours of training every year and save peoples' lives on a regular basis. They are called up any time of the day or night, any time of year in any weather and without one word of complaint they go. Whether they're in bed, tucking in their kids to bed, at work doing their normal job...if they can go, they go.
Funding from people like us mean they can continue to do this and maybe even help us or someone we know in the future. They are building a base for all their kit, vehicles and to allow their volunteers somewhere to change, clean up, go to the loo (yep, the basics) and we can help fund this - it's essential and the minimum they need.
So, instead of offering big discounts this season I'm doing this instead and I hope you will support this! Every order you make, big or small, £1 will go directly to the BSRU team.
If you feel inclined to donate to them directly I know they will be massively grateful and you can do that using this link.
Thanks for reading so far and I will be so proud and delighted in December when I can hand over a donation (to my husband who is in the team) which has been given by all of you.


-Hels x
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For every order you make up until Christmas, £1 will be donated to the Borders Search & Rescue Unit. So get shopping knowing you're giving back this season! Thank you so much from Hels @ The Knit Kit Co!


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